12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement

The second principle is the total cessation of hostilities. For now, we are talking about a temporary ceasefire. This ceasefire could become permanent if Bernard Kouchner and I convince Georgia to sign this document today. Today was the right time to end this operation, not yesterday or tomorrow. We have therefore declared a temporary ceasefire until a comprehensive solution can be found to the problem, in accordance with the principles we have just mentioned. The most important thing is that we have achieved our goals. At around 7 p.m., Georgian President Saakashvili announced a unilateral ceasefire and a no-reaction order. [149] The ceasefire reportedly lasted about three hours. [150] The separatists bombed Tamarasheni and Prisi. They destroyed Avnevi and a police building in Kurta, the center of south Ossetia`s provisional administrative unit. The intensified attacks forced Georgian civilians to flee their homes.

[151] [152] A senior officer in the Georgian Defense Ministry said in late August 7 that his country would “restore constitutional order” in response to the shooting. [153] Georgian Interior Ministry officials later told the Russian newspaper Kommersant on August 8, after the Ossetians responded with gunfire on the ceasefire, “it became clear” that the South Ossetians would not stop shooting and that the Georgian casualties were 10 dead and 50 wounded. [154] According to Pavel Felgenhauer, the Ossetians deliberately provoked the Georgians, so that Russia would use the Georgian response as a pretext for a deliberate military invasion. According to Felgenhauer`s analysis, Russia could not wage war against Georgia after August, as the Caucasus would already be covered in snow in October. [155] The Russian military participated in the attacks on Georgian villages. [156] On August 25, 2008, the Russian parliament passed a motion that no one voted against. The request demanded diplomatic recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by President Medvedev. [253] On August 26, Medvedev gave orders for recognition of the two states[254] and said that recognizing the independence of the two entities “is the only way to save human lives.” [3] Poti is Georgia`s main seaport on the Black Sea and serves as an essential entry to Transcaucasia and the inland network of Central Asia.

[210] On August 8, Russian planes attacked the town of Poti, causing a two-day closure of the seaport. [210] Russia positioned ships near Poti and other Georgian ports on August 10, 2008. [204] The next day, Georgian and Russian officials said That Russian troops were in Poti. The development of the Russian army into professional strength was not considered fruitful. In September 2008, General Vladimir Boldyrev acknowledged that many career soldiers did not have better training than conscripts. Most of the ground combat was conducted by Russian air troops and special forces. .