Accommodation Property Participation Agreement Agoda

The second tool is called Template Solution. B2C has collaborated with EAN to develop this special tool, which facilitates the integration and reliability of appropriate property images that are displayed at the right time. This tool can be applied in two ways: either select the “fully labeled white model solution,” i.e. your customers only see your logo, or choose the “co-branding model solution,” which displays both. Below is a list of the main accommodation booking sites and airline refund policy, but we must say that these policies change almost minute by minute. You should check whether Agoda only waives its fees (which is a minimum part of what you paid) or if you have ordered the establishment to reimburse you for the room fees. They`re asking for documents. Do they do what`s happening in the world? That`s all on the news! France has closed all shops, restaurants and the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are closed indefinitely. Belgium has done the same. According to the World Health Organization – Europe is now the epicenter of coronavirus. What document does Agoda need from me? I`m not sure they understand that what worries me is that I don`t want to be infected. Agoda has this clause with its partner hotels – case of force majeure, which means that accommodation can cancel reservations as long as Agoda informs them. However, it seems that Agoda cannot join with its hotel partners It seems that Agoda is not concerned about the welfare of its guests and that they prefer to travel for us (despite all the travel restrictions implemented by different governments) so that they can earn their commission.

Choose YES if your property is part of a chain of hotels. Enter the official registration number of your property The down payments will be either by bank transfer or PayPal. The time to receive the profits is estimated between 30 and 60 days after the owners of the establishment confirm that the guests have completed their stay. The minimum transfer to follow is $100. If you earned less, your income will accumulate for payment next month. If you want to register another property, you can select a new property and follow the process above from the drop-down list under your property name at the top right. The “Agoda” trademark and some recreated translitrations are a registered trademark of Agoda and/or its related companies in many countries around the world, including the United States, the EU, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, etc. Other product and company names identified on the site may be agoda`s name, brand, trade name, logo, logo, symbol or other protected name.