Agreement Between Parents

When you enter into your agreement in Custody X Change, you can choose the decision-making power you choose and how you explain it in the “Decision Making” section of the General Plan model. A parenting plan or co-parenting agreement is essentially a non-binding contract that describes how common subordinates are increased. The document describes a large number of guidelines, rules and timetables for common children that are signed by both parents. Some states may require a co-education agreement for divorce proceedings, but this type of document is never legally binding unless it has been signed by a judge. A second explanation for the disagreement may be that parents are more likely to provide socially desirable responses [18]. However, we did not find that parents have consistently reported more favourable assessments. On the contrary, Barr-Anderson et al. reported that in their study, children considered their parents to be more supportive, that the parents judged themselves, suggesting that the parents may have considered their small support actions (encouraging words, conduct) as part of their parenting duties [21]. Similarly, common activities between children and parents may be perceived differently by children and parents.

When it comes to social desires, we expect parents to cover common sports activities more often and to watch television together less often than their children. However, such a pattern has only been observed in Switzerland. On the other hand, parents may also perceive common television, i.e. social co-viewing, as favourable behaviour, as they can better monitor what their children see to counter the adverse effects of television shows and commercials [44]. Similarly, we do not know whether, in this study, children are more likely to consume and watch television than their parents because of different perceptions or rather socially desirable responses from their parents. Parents may be aware of the potential adverse effects of excessive consumption of soft drinks and television and may realize that they should limit these behaviours and, therefore, provide a desirable response.