Canara Bank Locker Agreement

Canara Bank A.V.Nagaram Branch East Godavari Contact Information Name: A.V.Nagaram (Via) Chebrolu, East Godavari Dist., 533449 8854-276347 Andhra Pradesh. Contact Number:08854- 276347 IFSC Code: CNRB0000623 E-mail: Available Lockers: Facilities available from CANARA Banking, Corporate Banking, NRI Banking, Loans, Insurance, Investments, Investment Funds, Cards, Safe. Accounts /Deposits: savings account, current account, tax savings … The complainant argued that the record rent had been increased without his knowledge and that the same thing had been deducted from his account without informing him. The complainant had agreed to pay the rent each year and also wrote a letter to the bank in which he withdrew the rent from his account. The complainant requested a refund of the excess money that was deducted from his account. There are some of the conditions in the company`s bank locker, in which the tenant is obliged to use the locker. Mentions below the step-by-step process to run locker bank in India: The locker rental is payable each year and again depends on the type of branch and the size of the locker (from a minimum of 1500 to 12,000 maximum). The locker rent is calculated each year and depends on the location of the stores and the size of the locker. Ask for a verification of the corresponding rents via the Internet/Mobile Banking or by visiting the subsidiary.

1. At the State Bank of India (SBI), the fee for the smallest locker in a metropolitan city is Rs 1,100. In a metro city, the cost for the medium-sized locker is 2,800 Rs.2. A large box with SBI fees is available for 6000 fr. in a metro city. The largest (extra-large) locker loosens the wallet ropes of 8,000 Rs per year.3. SBI also charges Rs 500 as a one-time registration fee at the time of the locker application. The bank allows 12 locker visits free of charge in one year. Then, each visit is paid for 100.4 R. SBI also levies an overdue fee equivalent to 10 percent of the annual rent if the user has unpaid taxes for a quarter. In addition, penalties amount to 25% of the annual rent. From the third quarter, the penalty shootouts up to 40 per cent of the annual rent.