Colin Kaepernick Waiver Agreement

I do not see this waiver as anything that would prevent Kap from pursuing future proceedings over his persistent unemployment. It looks pretty boilerplate and I think it fits perfectly with what the NFL said. It is a waiver of liability. Shame on Kap`s camp for trying to do something else. But it`s just the same thing. If Kap got a job and did badly, it`s over. He will not seize this opportunity at this stage. Too much risk. That`s also why he sabotaged his deal with the Ravens, I guess.

As for the NFL, the league insisted that the renunciation they were proposing was the norm and that they were not ready to move. I will borrow this waiver language and consider modifying some of the platforms I`ve seen to include this list. Good things. But Kaepernick`s training should be different from anyone — and so should the renunciation. Sports Illustrated has obtained a copy of the waiver requested by representatives of Colin Kaepernick of the NFL for training scheduled for Saturday at the Atlanta Falcons training center. Kaepernick`s waiver is radically different from the waiver the NFL was asking him to give up. The NFL`s waiver statement was obtained by various media outlets, including Sports Illustrated. The league`s first proposal to drop responsibility came by email on Wednesday, the day after the NFL announced its spontaneous tryout for the exiled quarterback.

Sporadic haggling followed, concessions were made, and then at 12:30 p.m., .m., two and a half hours before the scheduled start of training, Kaepernick`s camp sent a counter-proposal that the League rejected. On the other hand, the NFL waiver uses the phrase “all claims, claims, actions, actions, complaints, complaints… Kaepernick might legitimately wonder why the league is worried about “all” claims when it comes only to physical claims. In addition, the phrase “claims, actions, complaints, complaints” kaepernick probably gave a pause. By signing such a declaration, he might have given up the opportunity to grieve or complain about an employment matter. Is this the default waiver form (I guess so) with which all potential players are presented, or is there a single language for Kaepernick? It looks more and more like this guy doesn`t want to play in the NFL. We have seen both waivers, and the first big difference is the length. The NFL waiver is greater than 1200 words. Colin`s is 268 years old. I would not have signed it because the language leaves enough door for a subsequent defense against a case of collusion/retaliation, that signing the waiver wiped out the claims. The problem that Colin Kaepernicks, of the NFL`s organized showcase, was able to derail two months ago, has now emerged in negotiations between the league and the NFL Players Association for a new contract: accountability…