Loan Pledge Agreement

A mortgage allows the borrower to retain ownership of the valuable property. When the loan is repaid and the debt is fully repaid, the lender returns the mortgaged assets to the borrower. The nature and value of the assets mortgaged for a loan are generally negotiated between the lender and the borrower. To qualify for a mortgage, the borrower generally needs investments that are worth more than the down payment. When a borrower promises guarantees and the value of the guarantee decreases, the bank may request additional funds from the borrower to compensate for the loss of value of the asset. A mortgage is recommended for borrowers who have money or investments and who do not want to sell their investments to pay the down payment. The sale of the investments could result in tax obligations to the IRS. The sale may result in the borrower`s annual income in a higher tax bracket, resulting in higher taxes due. 1.1 Advance credits. As a guarantee of the repayment of the amounts payable in accordance with the note, the borrower allocates two million million eight hundred and ten thousand five cents (2,812,500) shares (the “shares”) of the Class A stock stock PayPal, Inc. (the “issuer”) as collateral and as collateral to the lender. The mortgaged asset can be used to eliminate the down payment, avoid PMI payments and secure a lower interest rate.

Suppose a borrower wants to buy a $200,000 home, which requires a down payment of $20,000. If the borrower has $20,000 in shares or investments, he or she can be mortgaged to the bank in exchange for the down payment. The imputation avoids large down payments for loans and, if necessary, PK. By non-payment, the loan interest is paid on the full price of the property. B. The lender is prepared to renew a loan to the borrower in return for the borrower`s loan, but only on the condition that the borrower has executed and provided that credit and pawning contract and guarantees (as defined below) to secure the borrower`s obligations arising from the disclosure and this agreement.