About Myboyfriend (Machu) and Jack


Myboyfriend aka Machu – Black. Myboyfriend (Machu) is a very cool customer. He enjoys “talking” to any humans in his immediate vicinity. He was adopted after his mother was rescued from the cold streets of Chicago. His first family named him Machu Pitchu. He was renamed when Tabitha adopted him to “Myboyfriend” which causes a lot of fun confusion when people first hear his new name. MBF (as he’s know for short) doesn’t mind too much though, as long as you feed him on time. He’s a Chicago native, but he’s quite happy to be living in Los Angeles now. His past times include chasing string, knocking over glasses of water, sleeping on important papers and rolling in catnip.

Jack the Kitten — Gray Tabby. Jack was adopted from a shelter after the loss of Tabitha and MBF’s very beloved gray tabby cat (Tigger). Jack was named for all of the heroes named Jack (Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack from 24, Lost, Eureka, Law & Order, Stargate SG-1, etc). Still young, Jack enjoys running (a lot), hiding, chasing, playing and sitting at the window calling for the birds to come down to visit. He also really enjoys pouncing on his older brother and wrestling.