Multiple Offer Agreement

A personal introductory letter explaining who you are, what your circumstances are, your plans to educate a family, etc., could be the difference between deciding your offer and the next buyers. Determine your priorities before listing your home. If you know what you want before you get it, you can work on a scenario with multiple offers with less stress. Shorey asks its sellers to consider their top priorities before listing the house. Want the highest price? A quick graduation process? Don`t make contingencies? Knowing that before entering the market, it may be easier to settle an offer once they start rolling. This applies to all e-mail communications that transmit an offer, counter-offer, purchase or lease conditions or any other communication that is doubtful that disclosure is the basis of the terms of an offer, counter-offer or acceptance. In fact, these are the same steps that helped me secure my home for 5000 $LESS as the next offer. There are heavy penalties for agents who mislead or mislead buyers into saying that there are competing offers when they do not exist. In multi-offer processes, there is always a degree of flexibility. If an agency`s standard multi-offer procedure is not suitable for a particular situation, you can deviate from it as long as the process remains fair. In this case, the best way to inform the parties is that the process has changed from what was previously explained to them. Offer to pay the difference in cash if you have a little more at hand and you think the house may not be valued at the price you offer. The seller probably thinks the same thing.

The biggest tool that any real estate agent has to reduce the risk of real estate lawsuits is knowledge. This means understanding all aspects of a sale, ensuring that your client also understands all relevant aspects of the sale, and obtaining legal advice when in doubt. While offers and counter-offers can go fast, it is essential to slow down and ensure that nothing is left to chance. If a written offer is provided on paper or electronically, you can submit the offer orally to the Seller.