Neupc Framework Agreement

Under the leadership of the Consortium of Eastern Universities (NEUPC), the agreement brings together the NEUPC, HEPCW, LUPC and SUPC consortia, which represent training institutions and higher education institutions in their respective regions, respectively. In addition to direct price and price-to-market savings, the framework also offers flexible calling options and access to a number of regional suppliers and SMEs. North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium Ltd (NEUPC) is one of six UK university procurement consortia that have been established to provide and manage a wide range of collaborative framework agreements aimed at maximising third-party spending in the higher education sector. The company will also work closely with the various flooring and interior design companies that have been distinguished through the “supply, adjustment and maintenance” framework contracts. We are pleased to announce our successful appointment to the new national academic framework for audiovisual, systems design, installation and maintenance (large lots in all regions). The company will provide information on all finalized projects through the framework agreement on its website and social media pages – so keep your eyes open for more details. NEUPC is pleased to announce the launch of the new audio-visual agreement. This new agreement, which is made available to members of NEUPC, HEPCW, LUPC and SUPC, was designed by experienced av technicians, managers and institutional purchasing experts within the consortium and covers all audiovisual products and services. The framework provides members with a reliable supply route to maximize the benefits of the audiovisual goods and services they purchase. The use of a NEUPC partnership approach provides collaborative purchasing know-how, directions and agreements that meet members` needs, values and objectives and actively support. Due to the nature of the flooring supplier framework, it is supported at the national level by other higher education (HE) consortia in the UK.

In addition to neupc, the other consortium covered by the agreement is formed; North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC), London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC), Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) and Higher Education Purchasing Consortium, Wales (HEPCW). For questions about this framework, please contact Mark Hayter, Audio Visual Category Manager.