Restaurant Trademark License Agreement

The licensee recognizes the value and benefits that can result from using the Bad Daddys system and connecting with the licensee, trademarks and other features of the Bad Daddys system, and wants a license from the licensee to use the Bad Daddys system and operate a Bad Daddys restaurant in an approved location , and the licensee is ready to grant such a license to the licensee. all of which are subject to the terms of this agreement. Full agreement. This agreement and all additional or related offers include the entire agreement between the parties regarding the operation of the restaurant and the transaction granted, and no commitments, incentives, commitments, agreements, agreements or commitments, oral or written, have been made, nor invoked by the parties other than those mentioned above. No agreement that amends, amends, renounces or amends any of the terms of this Agreement is binding on any of the parties, unless it is written and executed by all interested parties. Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, regulations and regulations that otherwise affect or otherwise affect the licensee`s restaurant or website, including, but not only, zoning, access to persons with disabilities, signage, fire and safety, VAT registration and health and plumbing. The licensee is solely responsible for obtaining all the licenses and authorizations necessary for the operation of the restaurant, including, but not exclusively, liquor licenses. The licensee must submit copies of all health, fire, building occupancy and similar inspection reports and make them available to the licensee for verification. The licensee must immediately submit to the licensee any inspection report or correspondence demonstrating that the taker does not comply with these laws, rules, regulations and regulations. the buyer who then enters into the licensee or with the licensee, the current form of a franchise agreement, a territorial development agreement and all agreements with the licensee required by all new franchisees, including a guarantee contract or any other agreement that may require the payment of taxes other than those paid under this agreement; provided, however, that the underwriters take into account the fact that the taker and the restricted parties are aware of the business and operating methods of the licensees, as well as confidential information whose disclosure and use would impair the interest of the licensee and its franchisees and takers for the Badddy Das system.