Virgin Media Credit Agreement Not Working

It is enough to dig the blank mobiles. It is now easy to switch providers. Absolutely horrible, bad service wherever I`m lucky enough to have one or two bars, to constantly play with my phone number formats instead of a normal number like 07123 456789 it gets tangled up with my iPhone 07 12 3 45 67 89. They talked to Apple, they said they constantly have problems with virgin mobile all the time, it`s common for them to confuse things. such a bad network that always has problems, horrible service everywhere and everywhere, Wi-Fi calls don`t work, difficult to connect, customer service always busy and never pass by to help me and all around unreliable. HELLO yes unlocked seems to work for me too, thank you. I got a Nokia 1101 with the invalid Sim msg I thought I had to go crazy if I tried to set up this new SIM for my brother. He has an old Samsung cell phone that he uses only for phone calls. It works perfectly with its old virgin sim, but this new one comes with a network lock message and cannot be used, although the codes provided by Virgin are inserted. I tried texting them so that she and her site wouldn`t succeed.

I just want to talk to someone who can tell me what to do. Your letter makes it so simple and really isn`t. I`m glad I`m not the only one who has this problem and just decided to buy a new phone because I`ve spent hours on the phone with Virgin and even more time online, and they don`t seem to be able to solve this problem. It`s disgusting that they leave people without phone service in the current climate and they will cash in the credit I had on this phone that I will never use now! I recently ordered a new phone for my son which, after two cancelled orders due to the Virgins site crash, was a Hassel as such, I received my order confirmation and just got my credit agreement online, which I have tried to sign several times now, and I still can`t find the same error code 110 document. I have a nokia text and ring 1616 Phoen, but Virgin sent a replacement SIM and d it does not work in my 1616.You said that I had to have the SIM or I will be cut off tomorrow and d stuck. They sent the SIM weeks ago. I did it today, and it won`t work with the new blank Sim they sent me. It says in the SIM even though I have it.

They want to send me a Nokia 105, but I like my Nokia 1616.What can I do pls because tomorrow they will block my old SIM, even if it works well. Thanks, I have an old Nokia 1110 phone, probably under £10 credit – pay-as-you-go – and hadn`t used the phone for a while. When I turned on today, the screen looked a little unusual, soon a message “SIM card registration failed”, with another word “Quit” at the bottom right of the screen, the network intensity display n txt did not display the network sign itself…